Improving Your Kitchen with Roll-outs

Working for a renovation company, I am fortunate because my employer is always looking for ways to help our customers improve the form, function and accessibility in their homes. Last summer, I noticed that the sippy cups, casserole dishes, and pots and pans were taking over my kitchen and I wanted to find a way to get more usable space in that area. I started by getting a “reputable” company to come out and quote me on some roll-outs. I was truly shocked after receiving my quote. It seemed astronomical and the quality just did not seem to be there! I was unable to justify the cost and value of this service. I had a water cooler conversation with my boss, as he has a lot of knowledge in that area, and posed my problem. Being that the roll-out market ties into our services directly, we decided to embark on some research into the unknown! We spoke to friends, family, suppliers and other professionals. Here’s what we found!

Roll-outs are a premium product!

They are made well above standard kitchen cabinetry and if added in a new build, you will pay a premium. They increase the usable space and accessibility in your kitchen BIG TIME! Cabinets, especially bottom tier, where heavier items are usually stored, are among the hardest areas to access the contents within. They are able to adapt into any existing kitchen and I also discovered that there was no end to the variety of storage solutions to access any area of your cabinets! There are spice racks, glide-out garbage bins, risers, blind corner cabinets! NO more strain and struggle!

I was starting to realize why these are so sought-after and wanted to finally commit to having this done in my home. Matt, owner of Armoured Touch Inc., contacted a local manufacturer and told him we wanted to add roll-outs to my kitchen. Not just any ordinary roll-outs. We wanted a superior product that was strong, durable, and above and beyond what the average Joe’s offer. If they were successful, Matt wanted to offer these to his customers! The results were awesome! We could reach for Tupperware, pans, and dishes with ease. Our kids could get the cereal boxes down themselves, without having to climb up on the countertop. Everything was organized, and easy to reach! Why hadn’t I done this sooner? This was not only an aesthetically pleasing upgrade, it was functional! This wasn’t just a lipstick and mascara fix, this had substance!

Armoured Touch customers, like me, are truly singing the praises of these roll-outs! We retained this local manufacturer to produce these for us. Our roll-outs are made of 5/8 Baltic birch drawer boxes with superior strength dovetails in all 4 corners. Dado bottom on all 4 sides and finished in clear, UV, water-resistant conversion varnish – and the soft close glides are a dream!!!

Call our office today to speak to our staff on how we can increase organization, space and accessibility in your kitchen with our awesome roll-outs!

-Jenifer, Office Manager at Armoured Touch Inc.