Things to Consider When Buying a House for the First Time

Purchasing a new home can be both stimulating and overwhelming. With homebuyer horror stories of houses racked with mold, leaky roofs or worse, it’s no wonder some homebuyers get cold feet. Prospective homebuyers can save themselves from frustrations by working with their professional experts like Armoured Touch on these useful construction Do’s and Don’ts.

Help prevent mold before it starts. Ask your expert to use vapor retarders in addition to insulation in your home’s walls, like your bathroom and kitchen. Smart vapor retarders allow wall cavities to “breathe” so excess moisture within the wall can escape. This helps stave off the growth of mold and mildew. Other vapor retarders can trap moisture in your walls, creating an environment that supports mold growth.

Work with your expert to ensure that no mechanical equipment, ductwork or plumbing is built into exterior walls, vented attics or vented crawlspaces.

Take control of your home’s temperature and acoustics by ensuring your contractor insulates with the correct R-value for your province. Ontario R-values are available online for reference only. Please consult with your professional experts.

Windows are often the largest single source of heat loss and heat gain in a home. Select vinyl windows with low-E glass and a high-performance glazing system that reduces heat transmission through the glass.

Know what is under your roof. For instance, waterproofing shingle underlayments go under asphalt roof shingles to further protect your home’s interior from winter leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.

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