What Does It Mean To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

To say that the kitchen is not the most important room in the house would be an understatement! With the popularity of the open concept layout on the rise, a beautiful kitchen adds a touch of elegance to the living space of today’s modern homes.

When renovating a kitchen, some homeowners choose to entirely gut their kitchen and start with a clean slate. However, removing all existing cabinetry can be an expensive way to update the look and feel of your kitchen when there are more inexpensive ways to reach your renovation goals.

Cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing are both tried and true methods of breathing new life into your kitchen. Refacing is the process of removing existing cabinetry and adding new veneers, whereas refinishing is the process of sanding, filling, painting and spraying your existing doors. In this article, we are going to focus on kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the process of removing and updating the existing doors and drawers on your cabinets. Our technology even allows us to rejuvenate peeling thermofoil doors and adhere to melamines. You don’t need to spend money on brand new doors if you don’t have to. The possibilities are endless! With the addition of new hardware and drawer pulls, your kitchen will feel like new – all at a minimal cost.

What is the average cost of cabinet refinishing?

The average cost to refinish your cabinets will vary according to region, project scope and other determining factors. It is best to have a budget in mind before you start your project, and let your budget assist you in your planning.

Is it more economical to refinish or replace cabinets?

Cabinet refinishing is the more economical choice for a number of reasons. The existing cabinetry does not need to be replaced, there is no cost to reconfigure the kitchen layout, and the overall cost of materials and labour is significantly less. Refinishing is substantially less disruptive to the household as project timelines tend to be much shorter than if you were to get a new kitchen. If your kitchen layout and storage is already working for you but all you need is a refresh, you should definitely consider this option.

What is the best way to refinish cabinets?

While kitchen cabinet refinishing might be a great DIY project for some of you, it is a project best suited to the expertise of professionals like Armoured Touch to handle. At Armoured Touch, we can steer your project across the finish line in a timely manner, and avoid any additional, unforeseen and unnecessary expenses.

Cabinet refacing and refinishing are both economical and trusted methods of giving your kitchen a modern look and feel. At Armoured Touch, our team of professionals will work with you to ensure your 100% satisfaction for years to come.

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