Bathroom Renovations: Things You’ll Be Glad You Knew About

Nobody is born automatically knowing what a stud wall is or how to best identify the source of a damp patch, but sometimes when you’re having home renovations done it can seem like you’re the only person who wasn’t. In the interests of keeping your blood pressure down during the quest for your dream bathroom, we’ve put together this list of the things you’ll be most glad to have known in advance.

It’s expensive to have more than one ‘wet wall’. 

Have you ever noticed that most people have their bath, toilet and sink plumbed into the same wall – and that most people who don’t are using adjacent walls rather than opposing ones? In some smaller homes, you may even find if you look that the kitchen sink is plumbed into that same wall on the other side. This is because they’re all attached to the same pipe – and the further that pipe has to run, the more expensive it becomes.

Bath sizes are more standardized than bathroom sizes. 

There are only usually two or three different lengths for baths – they’re pretty standardized. Not all architects take this into consideration, however, and they certainly weren’t thinking about it fifty or a hundred years ago when many domestic properties were built. You might need to think of some creative solutions for mismatched sizes, like storage shelves at one end of the bath to fill up a gap.

You can save a lot of money by multi-tasking. 

If there are other rooms in your home that you’d like to have done up – like a kitchen, a laundry room or a utility room, for example – it’s almost certainly going to be cheaper in the long run to combine the renovations. That way the builders and plumbers are already where they need to be, and you can minimize the duration of the chaos that living on a building site can entail.

Some luxurious choices are cheaper than you think. 

There are plenty of reasons that not many people have clawfoot bathtubs or Jacuzzi showers – they’re difficult to clean, for one thing, and they’re often not hugely environmentally friendly. The cost isn’t anything like so prohibitive as you might think, however. If you have your sights set on something like this, it’s well worth looking around at your options – they’re a lot more affordable than most people expect them to be.

None of this is rocket science – but if you’ve never tried to do this before, you’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of you. The good news is that it can be a lot of fun, and there’s a great reward at the other end!

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