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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Clear Out Kitchen Clutter

Nearly everyone’s homes could be more organized. For your New Year’s resolution, why not try getting rid of kitchen clutter? This is the perfect motivation to organize your house. Here are a couple of ways to declutter your cooking area and keep your resolution.  

Recycle plastic containers that are odd sizes and shapes. Keep one or two standard sizes for leftovers and get rid of the rest. That way, you won’t have to search through seven kinds of lids to find one that fits.

photo credit: wellnesswildflower Home Cooked Meals via photopin (license)

Nearly every kitchen has a junk drawer. Sorting through it may be tedious, but you’ll feel much better once you organize this clutter magnet. Throw away anything that doesn’t work, like dried-out markers. Organize the things you want to keep into small bins or a silverware drawer organizer.

photo credit: laydenwithstitches Trash or treasure via photopin (license)

It’s not always easy to stay motivated to declutter. Tackle just one section of the room at a time, and you’ll stay on track. Keep your New Year’s resolution to clear your clutter, and your kitchen will feel cleaner and refreshed all year long.

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