How To Create Storage with Kitchen Cabinets

It’s Spring! Most homeowners around this time think about decluttering and organizing their kitchen space. This includes the desire for more room in the kitchen because it never seems large enough for function, form and storage. However, you don’t have to make huge changes such as adding more cabinets or reducing the number of small appliances to increase your storage area. With some clever cabinet ideas, you can maximize the available space until you are ready for that major remodel project.

Overhead cabinets

Upper cabinets hung on walls provide additional storage but kitchens with limited wall space don’t always have this option. A clever solution is suspending upper cabinets from the ceiling. Suspended cabinets work best when placed over a sink or countertop instead of over a breakfast nook where someone may stand up and hit their head. Open shelves on the suspended cabinets create a feeling of openness that gives them a lighter feel.

Vertical maximization

For narrow kitchens with limited horizontal space for storage, installing cabinets that maximize vertical space is ideal. Cabinets that stretch from over the counter and stovetop up to the ceiling utilize every bit of vertical space. As the highest shelves may require a stepstool to reach, it’s best to store rarely used items on top and necessary items on lower shelves. A folding stepstool tucked in a corner or step stashed in a lower cabinet or pantry ensures easy access to high shelves when required.

Secret storage

Drawers are a beloved commodity in kitchens and incorporating secret drawers that fit inside larger drawers can help maximize storage. A large drawer front can conceal two separate drawers that keep items organized and clutter-free. This is a clever alternative to deep drawers that become a catchall or “junk drawer.”

Corner cabinet cleverness

Corner cabinets tend to be large and deep which makes it challenging to store things in a way that keeps them easily accessible. A clever solution to the corner cabinet “cave” is to install a wire pullout system attached to the cabinet door. Pulling on the cabinet door draws out the first row of shelves and continued pulling provides easy access to items stored on deeper moving shelves. These types of pullouts are installable in both straight corner and L-shaped corner cabinets.

Concealed countertop space

Many kitchens suffer from limited countertop space, which leads to clutter from a variety of items. A clever way to maximize countertop space while reducing clutter is by concealing a work area behind pocket doors. This hidden area can have a small food preparation area at waist level with shelves above for storage of small plates, cookbooks or even small appliances. To increase the functionality of the hidden space, homeowners can fill the cabinets below it with pantry items, containers and serving dishes. The best part is that the entire workspace looks like just another cabinet face when closed.

Some simple changes to cabinet placement and function can greatly improve the appearance and storage of any kitchen. When you’re ready to tackle your kitchen renovation, let us know and we can assist you in designing and building your dream kitchen.