Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Our Unique Approach

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is not a new process, it has been around for many years. The do-it-yourself home owner may already have experienced a failed attempt or, has been saved by seeing someone else’s epic fail. A fail that has created a never-ending, maintained process of re-investigating new products to do it again and again in many cases, year after year. The yellowing, the sticky tacking, hard-to-clean surfaces, not to mention the runs and peeling from the product said to be the “best” or “latest”. We are talking about the oils, the melamine, and even the best waterborne finishes, that someone at a box store or paint shop says is the way to go.

I know this experience and understand the time and money that has gone into this project. I lived it when 30 years ago, my parents started to do it… and still are. At the time, they did not have the funds for a new kitchen, grew tired of the worn, shabby looking cabinets and so they tried to take the matter into their own hands. Here’s the problem – once a kitchen has been painted DIY style, it becomes too expensive to have a pro fix any problems that are almost sure to happen down the road.

Being of the mind that the concept of cabinet refinishing is not a bad one, and of the mind that there is always room for improvement, I set out find a way to make this process easy AND successful!  Here, at Armoured Touch, we have taken all the guess work out. We have researched, tested and established a process that allows us to give you a designer-inspired new cabinet look.

Our commercial grade finish can be made to any solid colour or transparent stain look finish. Our process is sprayed on, just like in a fine, custom kitchen and furniture shop. It takes as little as 5 days, and generally only 2 days are spent in your home with minimal inconvenience.

Do you want a new refrigerator but it’s too tall or wide? An over-the-stove microwave range hood but your existing cabinet is too tall? Want to do away with a microwave box? Not to worry – we can do cabinet alterations – shortening, widening – specific to any of your design needs.

Upgrade the efficiency of your storage with roll-outs and soft close hardware. Yes, we do that too! Add new handles, or knobs to top off a complete new look and there you have it!

Contact us and we would be more than happy to meet with you at your home to show you samples of what your cabinets could look and feel like.

-Matt Gerth