Kitchen Dove-Tailed Box

The Armoured Touch Way

Increase storage and accessibility in your kitchen

Armoured Touch is now offering you another great product, to increase storage and accessibility in your kitchen!

Our custom built rollouts are made with high quality Baltic birch. They are a dove-tailed box, which mean that they are the strongest joints to have in custom carpentry. With our solid wood dado drawer bottoms, you will not have to worry about the bottoms falling out.

Our Clear Coating will protect the entire roll out, preventing the bottoms from moisture damage like wrinkling and discolouration. Since all of our rollouts are custom, we can have specific divider placement –  keeping your contents free from mixing with other items. We also offer you premium, 8-way, adjustable, self-closing glides or a standard, full-extension glide.

Armoured Touch also offers a wide range of accessories such as utensil organizers, lazy susans and other life-simplifying features for an organized kitchen.